Exercise 3

Toefl Review Exercise (Skills 1-13)
1. Pictograms constitute the earliest system of writing.
2. At temperatures approaches absolute zero, substances prosses minimal energy.
3. The Earth’s one-year revolution around the Sun changes how falling sunlight on one hemisphere or the other.
4. Though sporadic interest in regional dialects has existed for centuries, the first large-scale systematic studies did not take place until the nineteenth century.
A 5. The waters of the Chattahoochee River fills Lake Lanier.
A 6. The first set of false teeth similar to those in use today it was made in France in the 1780s.
D 7. The term “Yankee” was originally a nickname for people from New England, but now
anyone from the United States are referred to as a Yankee.
A 8. A network of small arteries, mostly sandwiched between the skin and the underlying
muscles, supply blood to the face and scalp.
C 9. Mesquite is a small tree in the Southwest who can withstand the severest drought.
D 10. At the end of the revolution, most of the army units of the young nation was almost
entirely disbanded, leaving a total national military force of eghty men in 1784. Continue reading