Exercise 11
C 1. The subject (of the lectures) was quite interesting.
I 2. The supplies (for the camping trip) needs to be packed.
C 3. The chairs under the table in the dinning room is quite comfortable.
I 4. The players on the winning team in the competition put forth a lot of effort.
C 5. The food for the guests at the party are on the long tables.
C 6. The cost of the clothes was higher than i had expected.
C 7. The rugs in the front rooms of the house are going to be washed today.
C 8. The waiters and waitresses in this restaurant always serves the food efficiently.
I 9. The lights in the corner of the room need to be kept on all night.
C 10. The meeting of the members of the council begins at 3:00 in the afternoon. Continue reading