In general, everyone is a consumer (user or purchaser of goods or services), because no one who does not need goods or services in his life. Every person who goes into a shop wanting to buy a given product and best service satisfactory, both with service in terms of product they want, and welcome to the consumers in terms of who comes, whether with hospitality, a smile, as well as in terms of cleanliness of the store or place of business.

In the book who me read, the book entitled “Manajemen Pelayanan Umum di Indonesia”, Issue 1, prints to-6, Author Drs. H.A.S Moenir, Bumi Aksara Publisher, Year of publication 2002, stated that the function of service facilities, namely:

1. Speeding up the process of implementation work, so as to save time.
2. Increase productivity, either of goods or services.
3. Better product quality or sharp.
4. The accuracy of the composition and size stability is guaranteed.
5. Easier or simpler in motion behavior.
6. Cause a sense of comfort to those concerned.
7. Evoke a sense of satisfaction to the people concerned, so as to reduce their emotional nature.

If a buyer or consumer is not well served, for example, we enter into a shoe store and we are confused to find shoes that we want both the model and size, but none of the waiters who ignored us, or when we pay for goods that we buy , The waiter did not say thank you, and not friendly, of course, every customer will feel disappointed and even angry, so he will not return to shop is to make the next purchase. Therefore, as a seller or manufacturer, should provide the best service to consumers, because if a consumer had been satisfied and comfortable with their services provided, can be ascertained that these consumers will buy again in the same place or store.

By: Susianty


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