Human resources (HR) is a person or people who have an ability or skill, which will then be channeled to companies that match their expertise. Human Resources is now experiencing a lot of progress,because now a lot of places that provide courses to train and develop an ability or skill, so it can be accepted in accordance with its job, it is no wonder many people are looking for a course, so that training places were already getting a lot of current. Actually the ability or skill has been learned when we go to school, where wewere trained to become someone who can be called as Human Resources (HR) of high quality in accordance with demand and firm behavior.

In a company will certainly look for high quality human resources for the company to grow and provide many benefits in the end. Dutiesof a HR (Human Resources Development) in the election or toHuman Resources management should match the capabilities possessed by the prospective employee, so that work can bedone effectively and efficiently, and to avoid mistakes in the future.In a company one of the most important thing is human, because itcan be imagined if a company without a human, then the company would not be able to operate, although now it has appeared manytools and machines are very sophisticated, but still, when without human existence that drives the machine, the machine which was originally said to be very powerful even if only to become a machine that is not useful. Therefore, companies should not treat humans (workers) by arbitrarily and treated like machines.

Workers who have been given by the worker (man) must be paid with cash, or commonly referred to as salary. But for more workers in the spirit again perform the work, then usually the companies provide fringe benefits or award referred to as compensation. With compensation, the workers are given the motivation for better workand become a high-quality workers in accordance with the demands of corporate demand. In addition to compensation, to give a sense of security and safety to workers, the company also provides insurance, car pick up and several other benefits to workers.

By: Susianty


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