Part Of Banking In Life

Part Of Banking In life

at this time a word of banking or bank just exactly for everyone in the world, because at the present, we already to find many banks in every place. From the book which me read with a tittle “Bank dan Lembaga Keuangan Lain”, author is Peni Sawitri and Eko Hartanto, with publisher from Gunadarma. In accordance with the contitution No. 10, 1998, bank is organization which to gather fund from the society in saving form and to lead to society in the credit form and or others form in the project to increase the level life for many people. At the past time, maybe many people who to believe the function of bank just for saving, that is with to carry their money to the bank, then saving to the bank or with to take the money, But the opinion in this time already difference.

At the present function bank just not for saving money to be very busy for to take their money who saving to the bank, because at the present already found so many ATM machines which to easy society to take their money. In fact, at the present we also can deposit money to ATM machine although still little in some place. Besides the society must can to sent or transfer their moneyto other people via ATM machine, but certainly but of them have own bank account, then ATM machine can be use for paying electric account or telephone account. Such a thing most easily societies who location residence enough far with the electric or telephone office. Now, bank is very important for activities everyone, many company pay a salary to employee via transfer from bank, and every company usually having the choice of bank which different, so the employee must have a account in bank.

Besides from the function of ATM machine, bank also already give facilities which easily society to create the credit card or debit card. So wecan do financing without need carry most money, where we must insert the password. And who I know, besides credit and debit card, some bank also took a card which can be called with “replacement cash money”, that card can not saving nominal money to big (usually maximal contain just Rp. 1.000.000), and we not necessary insert pin. But if that card lost, so bank not be responsible, because the card similar with money. More and more bank precocious and part of banking already very big for easily society in do activities in the life everytime and every where. That’s all for easily all of people in activity.

The steps to take the money to the ATM machine that is in the first you must insert your card to the machine, and then type or insert your PIN number, after that choice what you do, if you want take the money you want choice take money at the monitor, and insert nominal money which can be take. And if you want transfer money to other person, you can choice transfer, later you can insert nominal money and account number from that person. Then the monitor will be appear what your instruction right or not, if right you can be choice yes, and if not, you can be choise no. And after that will take over the receipt, and take it. But the transaction receipt not always come out of the ATM machine. The PIN number must be in mind, and don’t ask your PIN number to everyone

In Indonesia there are very many Bank. The central bank of Indonesia is Bank Indonesia (BI). Bank Indonesia have a task, that is balancing or stability of rupiah and manage circulation of money. While a commercial bank that is, Bank Central Asia (BCA), Bank Mandiri, Bank Mega, Bank Permata, Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI), Bank Internasional Indonesia (BII), Bank Danamon, Bank DKI, Bank Bukopin, Bank OCBC NISP, Bank Mutiara, Bank Republik Indonesia (BRI), Bank Niaga, Bank Panin, Bank Tabungan Negara (BTN), Bank Perkreditan Rakyat (BPR), Bank Artha Graha, Bank Muamalat, Bank UOB Buana, etc. The task of commercial bank is gather of fund in direct from society in various form, giving credit to society, etc.

By: Susianty


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